Tuesday, December 21, 2010

R.B. Clague. The Second of My Facebook Friends

Looking back to my first days on Face Book I remember meeting R.B. Clague. Rob was one of the very first people who made me feel welcome in this community of the Arts. Here I found a home with people who supported each other each and every day.
Rob the author of “Whitefella Dreaming” and “Desert of the Mind,” led me through the world of the aboriginal spirit. Enabling me to, for a little while believe in something beyond our world and time, it left me feeling as if I had found a deeper knowledge of the peoples of the outback. It is a good writer who can draw one into a story and let them believe in the fictional world of one’s characters.
He has the ability to write humorously of a walk with his dog through the graveyard or the stress of today’s world. I am proud to know him and call him a friend, thank you Rob for your friendship and generous spirit, your humor and ability to make us all welcome in your world.

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