Friday, December 24, 2010

Day Five: Amanda Thrasher

When I began this project my thought was to two-fold the first was give back to some of the people who have given me so much support, encouragement and friendship. The second to share with as many people as will take the time to read these posts the beauty and generousity of the people I am writing about as seen through my eyes and heart.

Today on this Christmas Eve I am going to write about a dear friend that I met this year. Amanda M. Thrasher author of "Mischief in the Mushroom Patch and A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch."

Amanda is a glorious lady, with a sweetness, a real sense of what is right and honest. She speaks and writes both from her heart as well as her mind. Never afraid to "tell it like it is."

In her children's books set in the Mushroom Patch she brings us innocent stories of young fairies that share with us not only their adventures, but teach us the message of honesty, responsiblity and sweetness. Very seldom in todays world are we blessed with the honest protrayal of taking ownership for one's actions in such a light fun filled fashion. Too often both as adults and children the message is given that there is no responsibilty, it is okay to be mean to others, break the rules and be proud of it. Amanda's books take us back to that nicer time when children could have fun, use their imaginations to play little games and yet learn compassion a sense of being a part of the process whether in the family or in the group.

Amanda has taught me so much this year from marketing strategy, for when my own book comes out, to horse training techniques. We have shared ways to train my yearling Dinky and different ways that can be used to market your book and make people know it is out there. As with any author it is truly up to us to sell the book. Why even the Russell Crowes and Sean Connerys of this world have to go on tour. Can it be a grueling task why yes. But Amanda does it with love, teaching the young children in her talks in classrooms about the importance of a book. To love a book, treat it with respect and to gain an understanding of the process from the authors first words, to the publishing process, to the shelf in the book store.

Her love of words, truth, honesty and responsibility are amazing as is her spirit, her relentless courage and strength. She takes us all to a place in her writing of enjoyment and belief in the world of fairies and the goodness that life can be. She shows us how to take away the sense of fear that so many children experience by not knowing their role and place in the family, school or community in her books.

She is a tigeress protecting her cubs when she see's a wrong being done. If you do not believe me read her blog "You can't have them they are mine." Yet in Amanda you will find the biggest supporter and best friend you can ever have. She will make you laugh with her amazing witt and later allow you to cry and cry with you over your loss. Share her triumphs and knowledge without strings and listen to your advice if she asks for it. She is a strong, beautiful and glorious woman and writer.

She honors all she touches and I am blessed beyond words to have her in my life and to call her my friend. Thank you Amanda Thrasher for your belief in me, your help through the dark times and your honest friendship and support. I hope I can give back to you even a part of what you have given to me in the coming years.

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  1. Dear Marta,

    I am stunned and speechless by your beautiful words; you have brought me to tears and that is not easy to do. Happy tears though, so all is well! I am honored to call you a friend and humbled by your post.



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