Thursday, November 25, 2010


This year I have had many hard lessons as well as too many losses both financial and personal. I have lost two precious furbabies, a few people that I had thought were my friends. A car accident, failure of our fridge, washer, dryer and now cess pool. All major expenses to be dealt with.
I have also had wonderful things come my way and it is on those that I am focusing my attention. On the losses I will remember the good that came from them. On the financial losses, well I will remember that sooner or later these things would have failed and therefore they are and will be behind me soon.
My book Wee Three has a publisher and for that I am thankful and I am looking forward to the future events. The readings for the children, those in assisted living, nursing homes and senior centers. I am blessed with the joy of the friendships I have made. The strides forward in myself and those that I am fortunate to know. Today I am looking at all the good that has come my way. Even in what appears to be a blow, there is good to be found in it. So Happy Thanksgiving world.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hazel Mitchell

One of the most wonderful Artists and Illustrators I have ever had the pleasure to do business with is Hazel Mitchell. Not only does she have the ability to capture one's verse or the essense of the story but she is also a true professional and a wonderful talent. Words cannot express how much her work has meant to me, nor how much I enjoy the knowledge that I contributed to her little Sprout's health. In addition she has an amazing sense of humor. Kudos to Hazel and Thank you.

One's Word

I was raised to be a person who's word meant everything. It takes a lot from me if the time comes when I cannot do what I thought I could do. For instance my mother lived with me, she had MS and for 17 years her disability in many ways defined both of our lives. I was her caretaker and we were best friends. I promised her I would not ever leave her, yet a time came when her illness took a turn for the worse and it was dangerous for her to be left alone. There were no options for I had to work or we would have had no roof over our head. She could not be alone for the 10 to 12 hours I was at work. So after a lengthy stay between the hospital and rehab she made the decision for both of us and went into assisted living. To this day 10 years later I still hurt over not being able to keep her with me. I know it was the best for her and I know she was happy in assisted living. Yet I still feel in some ways I failed her. To this day when circumstances force me to take steps other than those I believed I would take in the beginning, it takes its toll on me. I will always miss her. Yet this lesson has taught me to let go when things are at the point that I cannot save the situation be a job or a relationship.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Through the years friends have come and gone. I guess I moved too much in my life, to keep touch with many of the people I have met. I wish there had been an internet back then, for then I may have been able to stay in touch with so many of those I cherished. Though some of them I am sure would have traveled a different path then I have and still we would have lost touch.
I still wonder about those I met. Some of them who were close and some just acquaintances, I hope they are all doing well and wonder what turns their lives have taken. Once in a while the writer in me pictures them living the life I would have liked to have seen them live. At other times I just wonder and keep the lessons, friendship and love in my heart for all those I knew and wish them well.
All of them have something that I have taken away from the meeting that continues to give me strength, courage and honesty in my life.
To all I wish them well. May your days bring joy, happiness, love and light.

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