Thursday, December 30, 2010

As the Old Year Rolls Out

As the old year Rolls out I still have several people that I wish to write about in these posts. Please forgive me for the delay, currently I am still reeling from long hours at work. The blizzard of 2010,here in the North East and the Holidays, so I haven't posted only because I do not feel I am able to do justice to my friends.

I am though counting my many blessing this year. Wee Three: A Mother's Love in Verse is now on the market. I have for the first time in my life found a sense of family and community here online. It is odd how one can find more in common with people one has not yet met in person then all those who one has through their life come face to face with. Daily they all make me smile and laugh, cry with the beauty of their words, art or photography.

I am continually amazed with the wisdom, knowledge, level of intellect, generosity of spirit and the support that each person I communicate with, shares with all of us.

So as the Old Year rolls out I will tell you all, you are one of the biggest blessings not just of this year but of my life.
Thank you for the honor, love and support you share with me and with all those you interact with.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day Six: Stuart Ross and Lisa McCallum

Many people in life go through rough times. Many spend their lives complaining and many chose to live in a world of quiet misery.

Few however share their lives and stories with us enabling the reader to not only feel a sense of closeness, but to find a measure of knowledge, inspiration and hope for a better way to look at life. Few allow us to bask in the love and light that they are as people and by doing so help us find more in us to love and give.

I will begin with Stuart, because I met him first. In his wonderfully inspiring book "Beyond my Control," he guides us all to a deeper understanding of what someone living with any disease can be going through. We learn how to judge both ourselves and others less and with more kindness.

Stuart's warm heart, quick witt and ability to laugh at himself has helped me to learn to laugh at myself and to forgive myself easier for my own faults and embarrassments. Yes we all have them. Through many a dark day during this last year he has made me smile. Illuminating and shining light into all the dark and hurt places bringing hope and laughter back into my life. Not so oddly Lisa also has this ability.

Since I first began my friendship with Ross and then Lisa I feel a bond that goes deep into my soul. A sense of belonging and a home of the heart. They are two of the most supportive, kind and funny humans I have ever had the opportunity to know. And if somehow the powers that be, were to strip them from my life it would leave a whole the size of the world in me.

Oddly enough growing up in a family that moved too many times, with parents whose backgrounds were so different as to make one wonder if we were living in a book or movie and not life, as those around us continued to let us know in many ways that we did not fit. As a result we children learned to walk our own path, you would see us playing the roles of "Sound of Music," for company. Entertaining ourselves and fellow laundromat customers singing and dancing to the embarrassment of some of those around us. Then we would follow that up with Wonder Woman and Easter Bunny stunts to entertain invalids and children.

However during the many years since my youth I had lost some of this ability. I have tried to hard to fit into what is considered acceptable, yet never fitting always the odd one. Just by being who they are Stuart and Lisa with the other's I have met on Facebook have helped me to lose some of the feeling of being alone that I have carried with me throughout my life. In their creation of Kenny the Kangaroo, Dancing to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and inviting Scarman to Christmas dinner, they gave me back something that I felt I had lost, the ability to play without worry.

Their love of life and ability to carry us all into that place of joy, laughter, love and support that Ross and Lisa are is a miracle in itself. To allow us to share in their lives and that bond that they have is priceless.

To me to be able to call them together and separately my friend is a gift that is immeasurable. They both bring with them individual qualities of love, joy, friendship, laughter and show all of us the true meaning of kindness, love and support each and every day.

Thank you Ross and Lisa from the bottom of my heart for the daily joy, inspiration, support, laughter and happiness you bring to my life and to the lives of all of us.

And a special thanks to Kenny the Kangaroo for befriending his biggest fan Dinky my nurse mare foal.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

As a writer I should be able to find the words to tell all my Facebook friends how much your support of me and others has meant to me this past year. Yet I find I am at a loss on just how to share the true beauty and joy that it brings me to see all of the friendship and love that pour from each and every one of you to each other and to me every day this year.

So I guess the very best I can say is Thank you and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart and may the New Year bring you all the blessings the Universe has to offer.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Day Five: Amanda Thrasher

When I began this project my thought was to two-fold the first was give back to some of the people who have given me so much support, encouragement and friendship. The second to share with as many people as will take the time to read these posts the beauty and generousity of the people I am writing about as seen through my eyes and heart.

Today on this Christmas Eve I am going to write about a dear friend that I met this year. Amanda M. Thrasher author of "Mischief in the Mushroom Patch and A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch."

Amanda is a glorious lady, with a sweetness, a real sense of what is right and honest. She speaks and writes both from her heart as well as her mind. Never afraid to "tell it like it is."

In her children's books set in the Mushroom Patch she brings us innocent stories of young fairies that share with us not only their adventures, but teach us the message of honesty, responsiblity and sweetness. Very seldom in todays world are we blessed with the honest protrayal of taking ownership for one's actions in such a light fun filled fashion. Too often both as adults and children the message is given that there is no responsibilty, it is okay to be mean to others, break the rules and be proud of it. Amanda's books take us back to that nicer time when children could have fun, use their imaginations to play little games and yet learn compassion a sense of being a part of the process whether in the family or in the group.

Amanda has taught me so much this year from marketing strategy, for when my own book comes out, to horse training techniques. We have shared ways to train my yearling Dinky and different ways that can be used to market your book and make people know it is out there. As with any author it is truly up to us to sell the book. Why even the Russell Crowes and Sean Connerys of this world have to go on tour. Can it be a grueling task why yes. But Amanda does it with love, teaching the young children in her talks in classrooms about the importance of a book. To love a book, treat it with respect and to gain an understanding of the process from the authors first words, to the publishing process, to the shelf in the book store.

Her love of words, truth, honesty and responsibility are amazing as is her spirit, her relentless courage and strength. She takes us all to a place in her writing of enjoyment and belief in the world of fairies and the goodness that life can be. She shows us how to take away the sense of fear that so many children experience by not knowing their role and place in the family, school or community in her books.

She is a tigeress protecting her cubs when she see's a wrong being done. If you do not believe me read her blog "You can't have them they are mine." Yet in Amanda you will find the biggest supporter and best friend you can ever have. She will make you laugh with her amazing witt and later allow you to cry and cry with you over your loss. Share her triumphs and knowledge without strings and listen to your advice if she asks for it. She is a strong, beautiful and glorious woman and writer.

She honors all she touches and I am blessed beyond words to have her in my life and to call her my friend. Thank you Amanda Thrasher for your belief in me, your help through the dark times and your honest friendship and support. I hope I can give back to you even a part of what you have given to me in the coming years.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day Four: Beth Hoffman

Day Four: When I first had the pleasure of meeting Beth Hoffman on Facebook I was instantly struck by the beauty of her spirit and heart. I had heard much about her book "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt," and decided that I really had to read it.

In it's pages I met many characters that both reminded me of my own background and were so full of vibrancy and life bringing tears of joy and sorrow to my eyes. To write Oletta, Aunt Tootie and CeeCee takes a person that possesses a deep soul and a understanding of both a twelve year old and adults from different backgrounds. I cannot say enough about how much her book touched me. How I loved her characters and her for giving us all a chance to meet them.

Beth herself shares a love of life and furbabies with me. She has the ability to warm your heart and soul in places that you might not have even realized were lonely. Giving unreservedly to all her friends a sense of belonging and validation of who they are. Beth's soul shines through with each and every person she touches.

Listening to her radio appearances or reading her interviews, I learned of her many moves as a child, the raisins in her ears and the serious illness that nearly robbed us all of the light that is Beth Hoffman.

Beth has a unique ability to make us all feel at home and welcome, with a mixture of the Old Southern charm so lost in today's world she gives us a sense of being wanted.

In these last few months she has taken the time to look at the picture of a baby bird that I found, shared the mutual loss of beloved furbabies and triumphs with our literature. All the while carrying a tasking load of interviews, booksignings and tours.

She is an amazing woman and author. I am honored to call her my friend and I am blessed she also calls me friend.

Thank you Beth Hoffman for being the delightful woman, writer and friend that you are to all of us. Thank you for your support and generousity of spirit that has allowed me into your life bringing with you a kinship, a sense of humor and joy to me and all you touch.

Day Three: Karen Monroy

For a the next few days I am dedicating these posts to some of the women that I have connected with on Facebook. Woman that I happily call my friends.

The first is Karen Monroy author of Sustainable Prosperity aka 30 Day Money Master Mind Make Over.

Karen is brilliant, kind and one of the wisest women I have ever had the pleasure to know.
Even when telling us a truth that we may not want to hear she does it with kindness. She writes with compassion and honesty from the heart.

She helps us to face our inner demons so that we can have a better life. You know the old warn out programming that we grew up with and throughout our lives kept buried deep inside of us, never pulling it out of the darkness to examine if there was truth in the myths we had been taught.

That new life she is leading us to, is one of light, love and a new prosperity. Is money the goal one can ask and the answer would be only if all else in your life also follows the truth. This truth teaches us that the Universe wants us to be happy, successful and one with all that is of beauty and love.By following this philosphy we will prosper and continue to prosper as joyous, vibrant beings.

Karen has given me the gift this year of her friendship, compassion, honesty and wisdom. And the message of her book works. Since I met Karen, I have found the self imposed limits I have allowed to live within me. And as a result I have grown and I am prospering. Each day I find a new sense of joy, beauty and love and best of all I now believe that the Universe wants me to be happy.

Thank you Karen for giving me the gift of your friendship. Blessings, love and light to you dear friend.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

R.B. Clague. The Second of My Facebook Friends

Looking back to my first days on Face Book I remember meeting R.B. Clague. Rob was one of the very first people who made me feel welcome in this community of the Arts. Here I found a home with people who supported each other each and every day.
Rob the author of “Whitefella Dreaming” and “Desert of the Mind,” led me through the world of the aboriginal spirit. Enabling me to, for a little while believe in something beyond our world and time, it left me feeling as if I had found a deeper knowledge of the peoples of the outback. It is a good writer who can draw one into a story and let them believe in the fictional world of one’s characters.
He has the ability to write humorously of a walk with his dog through the graveyard or the stress of today’s world. I am proud to know him and call him a friend, thank you Rob for your friendship and generous spirit, your humor and ability to make us all welcome in your world.

Robert Walker the first of my FB friends

As 2010 rolls to an end, I am going to spend a moment each day writing about one of the people that have made a huge difference in my life this year. This will be done only in the order of my meeting them on Facebook. Not in the order of their importance to me as each of them has brought riches to my life in ways that I had only dreamed were possible. Each different, sometimes with laughter deep and hardy. Sometimes tears of joy, touching me to my heart and soul in places that have long been living in the desert, feeling alone.

Yet each of them has brought with them into my life a sharing and support of each other that has been missing from my life. To each I owe a debt of gratitude and am honored to call them friends.

Early this year I joined Facebook not understanding how much it would change my life. So I would like to share the gift they have given me by just being who they are.

Thank you Robert Walker author of too many numerous books to list in total. But three of which I will mention as I have read or am currently reading. Dead On, Children of Salem and Titanic 1912 - 2012.

You are truly a gentleman as my husband puts it an intellegent, honest, caring, supportive man. Your sense of humor and witt have meant the world to me, all the while delighting my mind with your work. Nearly daily you take the time to let us into your life through pictures, books, and join the banter that facebook can be.

By not taking yourself too seriously you allow us all that freedom of not taking ourselves or lives to seriously either. Yet you are a deep man, who can come to tears over Don McClean and Vincent Van Gough and at the same time laugh over a silly joke. In Dead On you write about one of the worst villians I have ever read, yet it sullies you not.

You honor us all with your witt and friendship Rob. Thank you for that gift.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


This year has been a year of the roller coaster. A very steep roller coaster one that no sooner does it feel like it is leveling out then you are racing down the incline again. I do not care for Drama too much of it existing in life as it is, without adding to it. Yet here I am this holiday season dreading it on so many levels.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beyond my Control: By Stuart Ross MacCallum

Darkness into Light, December 14, 2010
M.M. Bishop

This review is from: Beyond my Control: One Man's Struggle with Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond (Paperback)
Stuart Ross MacCallum takes us on a journey through the world of one man's struggle with Epilepsy and surgery. It teaches us a little more compassion a little less judgment of others.
In today's stressful world we forget kindness. We forget in our own struggle what it is to walk in someone else's shoes, to be considerate to ourselves and others, to smile even during our own crises. "Beyond my Control" gives us a glimpse into the life of one man's struggles with a medical condition that most of us could not even dream of dealing with. Yet he is able to make light even in darkness giving each of us the ability to smile and learn forgiveness of ours and others little embarrassments.
The love between Stuart and his wife Lisa is amazing. They show us all how much easier it is to live and love if we spend a bit of our time thinking about each other instead of focusing only on our own separate plight.
"Beyond my Control" though teaching us a bit about the world of epilepsy, seizures and side effects that are possible it is not a depressing book, it is enlightening, entertaining and uplifting.
Kudos to MacCalllum for writing about such a private and sensitive time in his life, enabling us all to learn grow and remember to laugh even in the hard times. Thank you for sharing your life and struggle with each of us who are lucky to read these pages.
Highly recommended whether you know someone with epilepsy or not.
Marta Moran Bishop author of Wee Three: A Mother's Love in Verse.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friends I have met

Most of my life I have spent moving from one place to another. As a child Some of it by a choice of sorts. Most of it out of necessity to find a place that the job market was better in order to take care of my disabled mother.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

As I look to the end of the year 2010, I realize how much I have been blessed this year. I have met so many wonderful people, learned so many things. I have had the pleasure of having my life touched in ways that I have only ever hoped I would.

My grandmothers, mothers, and my childhood memories will be encased in a little book called Wee Three for which I am profoundly grateful. The circle is complete the honoring will be done. And forever after there will be a written statment of the love we have all shared.

I was never blessed to know my grandmother except through her writing and the stories my mother passed down. I didn't live in her day before the changing of the world. When so much of the glamour and niceties left us.

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