Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Robert Walker the first of my FB friends

As 2010 rolls to an end, I am going to spend a moment each day writing about one of the people that have made a huge difference in my life this year. This will be done only in the order of my meeting them on Facebook. Not in the order of their importance to me as each of them has brought riches to my life in ways that I had only dreamed were possible. Each different, sometimes with laughter deep and hardy. Sometimes tears of joy, touching me to my heart and soul in places that have long been living in the desert, feeling alone.

Yet each of them has brought with them into my life a sharing and support of each other that has been missing from my life. To each I owe a debt of gratitude and am honored to call them friends.

Early this year I joined Facebook not understanding how much it would change my life. So I would like to share the gift they have given me by just being who they are.

Thank you Robert Walker author of too many numerous books to list in total. But three of which I will mention as I have read or am currently reading. Dead On, Children of Salem and Titanic 1912 - 2012.

You are truly a gentleman as my husband puts it an intellegent, honest, caring, supportive man. Your sense of humor and witt have meant the world to me, all the while delighting my mind with your work. Nearly daily you take the time to let us into your life through pictures, books, and join the banter that facebook can be.

By not taking yourself too seriously you allow us all that freedom of not taking ourselves or lives to seriously either. Yet you are a deep man, who can come to tears over Don McClean and Vincent Van Gough and at the same time laugh over a silly joke. In Dead On you write about one of the worst villians I have ever read, yet it sullies you not.

You honor us all with your witt and friendship Rob. Thank you for that gift.

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