Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beyond my Control: By Stuart Ross MacCallum

Darkness into Light, December 14, 2010
M.M. Bishop

This review is from: Beyond my Control: One Man's Struggle with Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond (Paperback)
Stuart Ross MacCallum takes us on a journey through the world of one man's struggle with Epilepsy and surgery. It teaches us a little more compassion a little less judgment of others.
In today's stressful world we forget kindness. We forget in our own struggle what it is to walk in someone else's shoes, to be considerate to ourselves and others, to smile even during our own crises. "Beyond my Control" gives us a glimpse into the life of one man's struggles with a medical condition that most of us could not even dream of dealing with. Yet he is able to make light even in darkness giving each of us the ability to smile and learn forgiveness of ours and others little embarrassments.
The love between Stuart and his wife Lisa is amazing. They show us all how much easier it is to live and love if we spend a bit of our time thinking about each other instead of focusing only on our own separate plight.
"Beyond my Control" though teaching us a bit about the world of epilepsy, seizures and side effects that are possible it is not a depressing book, it is enlightening, entertaining and uplifting.
Kudos to MacCalllum for writing about such a private and sensitive time in his life, enabling us all to learn grow and remember to laugh even in the hard times. Thank you for sharing your life and struggle with each of us who are lucky to read these pages.
Highly recommended whether you know someone with epilepsy or not.
Marta Moran Bishop author of Wee Three: A Mother's Love in Verse.


  1. Such a wonderful review of Stuart Ross McCallum's amazing memoir. I love what you wrote, Marta, and it is so true that BEYOND MY CONTROL, aside from teaching us about epilepsy, makes a powerful case for compassion and the absence of judgment.

    Stuart and Lisa are both extraordinary human beings, truly evidenced by this difficult road they traveled together -- still loving & living to tell about it. :)

  2. Thank you so much Lisette. I agree Stuart and Lisa are both extrordinary. Thank you for reading my review and for your wonderful comments.


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