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Lottie's Adventure: Facing The Monster, is an action-packed children's book written especially for ages 8 through 14. Children will enjoy this exciting read while also improving their reading skills. Twenty-nine chapters filled with twists and turns keep kids reading to discover the outcome.

Lottie, a lively ten-year old Hispanic girl, longs for something new and different in her life. Her summers up to this point have all been, more or less, the same. Then the arrival of a magical letter and a TV newscast transforms her vacation time in a high adventure.

Her great adventure includes trying to relate to a cold, estranged, and rich grandmother, freeing a kidnapped ten-year-old African American boy from a locked room, hiding him in a safe place, and then fleeing with him from a kidnapper who is always just a step or two behind.

A New Hero Is Born

Lottie is my kind of people. A real person. Caring, smart, savvy. She may be only a kid, but she's a great role model for anybody. And she has the most interesting, sometimes kind of scary, adventures. And she meets weird people, funny people, wacky people, serious people. Sometimes she gets herself in a pickle, but she always rises to the occasion and figures out how to get out of it. She doesn't reject the kindness of strangers either.

More than anything, Lottie is saturated with decency. She's doesn't have to be in control all the time. She can be vulnerable. She can be hurt. But she likes herself no matter what. And she likes people. All people.

If you liked A Wrinkle in Time, you'll like Lottie's Adventures as well.

DAW, Austin, Texas

It's an exciting thriller that makes you want to keep on reading.

Adam Lubbers, age 12

While reading Barbara Frances’ chapter book Lottie’s Adventure: Facing the Monster, I was swept back to the books of my childhood. A place where tweens helped each other and became heroes without the use of make-believe or magic brooms. Just plain old smarts, ingenuity, and integrity.

I was engrossed in the story of Lottie, a Hispanic girl, as she helped Charles Ray a black boy, who had been kidnapped escape and confront the bad guy, outsmarting him, while facing their own fears. The friendship that grew between the two was a lesson in how people all want the same things out of life regardless of their upbringing, race, or nationality.

It is a compelling and wonderful tale that I’d recommend to both adults and the tween alike.


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