Monday, January 13, 2020

Winner of 9 Awards, The Golden RuleWhat if you treated others the way you'd like to be treated?  What if everyone did that?  What kind of world could there be? Please join in the children's quest to discover how to follow The Golden Rule. The book has won a Book Excellence Award Gold Medal, eLit Gold, Reviewers Choice Silver, Children's Literary Classics Silver plus Seal of Approval, Mom's Choice Silver, Readers Favorite Finalist Award, IAN Book of the Year Finalist and Pinnacle Achievement Award.   
This is the eighth rhyming children's book by award-winning author Sherrill S. Cannon, whose other bestselling books include My Little Angel, Mice & Spiders & Webs...Oh My!, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, Manner-Man, Gimme-Jimmy, The Magic Word, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys and Santa's Birthday Gift. Former teacher Sherrill S. Cannon has won sixty-three awards for her rhyming books and is also the author of seven published and internationally performed plays for elementary school children.
I was looking for a new book for my great-nephew and happened upon this one. I love children's books written in a singsong rhyming style reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and this book was just what I was looking for.

The cadence of the rhyme along with the skillful illustrations rapidly engages the youngster's attention as they follow the characters on their search for the 'golden ruler,' A fun and enjoyable read, this book also imparts an important lesson for youngsters without being preachy.

My great-nephew thoroughly enjoyed it and, I hope, took away with him a valuable concept.

I can recommend this book without reservation to any who have young children in their lives
Once again Sherrill Cannon has written a wonderful story with a very special message.

The Golden Rule, penned for the young, but is much more than a brilliantly written rhyming tale. It teaches how great it would be if everyone to gave to each other what they would like to receive.

The illustrations are charming and go wonderfully with the story. Ms. Cannon's clever and intelligent gift for telling a story in rhyme that does not talk down to a child, but instead is consistently at their level is unsurpassed in today's children's books.

Kudos to Ms. Cannon for another fabulous book. I highly recommend it.

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