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Things are really starting to heat up in the Fitz family. Even pregnant, Laura can't stay out of harms way after Gerry’s cousin and best buddy is left for dead after a beating. When the thugs responsible find out he didn’t die, the game is on to keep Pete safe until he has to testify. After finding a body on a mountain trail in cottage country Laura helps a local police officer solve the crime while waiting for the birth of her first baby.
I think Karen Vaughan must have fun every time she sits down to write a story,Thankfully the humor and fun come through n her books and readers get a delightful read that also adds in murder, mystery and suspense. The novels with Laura and Gerry are a series that can also be read as stand alone books, I highly recommend all of them because readers will love the characters the author has created. In this story, murder and mystery connect to mob ties and the adventure is on. For me, I loved that a neighbor of Laura and Gerry's and a tenant in the building they manage is the one caught up in murder. Through the books, I have found, Stella is the character you love to hate. Grabbing a book by this author always guarantees a good read, a fun story and a murderous adventure
Left for Dead by Karen Vaughan, is witty and intelligently told mystery story. It’s the 6th in the Laura and Gerry mysteries series and a delightfully penned book.

It seems even pregnancy will not stop Laura Fitz from being a corpse magnet, as she stumbles yet again onto another dead body. While Laura is talking to the police, she receives a phone call from hubby. Apparently, Laura’s gift or curse for discovering the dead and becoming embroiled in the nasty affairs of the murder has rubbed off on to Gerry, for he has found his cousin near death.

The Fitz’s have once again become entangled in murder, mayhem, the lives of others along with the danger it entails. But, through it, all Laura remains her witty self. Gerry doesn’t fair as well as his love for Laura and their coming baby, upset his judgement at times. After all, it is difficult to be objective when the life of one's wife is on the line.

Ms. Vaughan has another terrific read in Left for Dead. I enjoyed this book enormously and highly recommend it to everyone.

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