Monday, August 9, 2021

Good read with a strong female lead ~ Chance - A Novel: Psychological Thriller (Sydney Jones Series Book 2) by Carolyn Bowen


They took her lover. Getting him back could be the last thing she ever does…

High-powered Atlanta attorney Sydney Jones never backs down from a case. So when her bodyguard and boyfriend is accused of murder, she’s determined to fight for him in court. Instead, the charges are suddenly dismissed, and he vanishes without a trace…

Suspecting CIA involvement, Sydney takes on a lawsuit with Chinese Black Society ties and finds a startling connection to her missing man. But as she digs deeper, she discovers that someone may kill to keep the secret.

Will this dangerous cat-and-mouse game reveal the truth or put a bullet in Sydney’s head?

Chance is the second book in the Sydney Jones psychological thriller trilogy. If you like fearless heroines, page-turning action, and shocking twists, then you’ll love Carolyn Bowen’s gripping story.

Kimberly of My Bookish Bliss

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Crime Novel!
Chance is the second novel in the Sidney Jones series. Carolyn Bowen takes her readers on adventures all around the world, and the settings are fabulous!

I will fully admit that I did not read the first novel in the series, Primed for Revenge, and I feel that I should have read it before reading Chance. I am confident that I missed a lot from the first novel that may have made me feel better about Chance.

Now, that is not to say that I didn’t enjoy Chance. On the contrary, I thought it was a great novel. Bowen has a way with words that make you feel like you are there with the characters sitting on a Barbados white sand beach.

Unfortunately, without having the background on Sidney and Walker’s relationship, I was incredibly upset at the way he behaved through the novel. A guy as smart as Walker could have arranged any number of situations where he could have made a difference. Instead, he went in a direction that made me perpetually mad at him.

I won’t let that shadow my rating, though, because the writing is fantastic. My anger at the characters does not take away from the phenomenal writing and how well Bowen describes her world to us. So, with that in mind, I award Chance a full 5 out of 5 stars.

I do recommend that you read the novels in order, as Chance was not a standalone novel, nor is it meant to be. I will be going back and reading Primed for Revenge to up my knowledge before the third novel is released.

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