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Laura Hamilton wakes up one morning only to find out a dead body inside her apartment. It was, after all, her ex-coworker, "Velcro" Hodges, a debt collector who was known to leech on his prey until the debt is already paid in full. But why was he dropped insider Laura's room?
Now someone wants Laura to be dead. As the plot thickens, Laura tries to find out on who could possibly want her next to be in cold blood. Lead Detective Inspector Jeff Gibbons helps her, tracking any leads he gets, but that doesn't seem to help solve the puzzle.

A STUNNING PERFORMANCE FOR A GREAT READ DEAD ON ARRIVAL – Book 1 of the Laura & Gerry Mystery Series by Karen Vaughan had me completely enthralled from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down. What does a girl do when she finds the dead body of her creepy ex-boss on her living room floor? In Laura’s case, she uses great sarcastic humor, coupled with the ability to put two and two together, and maintain a presence of self even in the moments she falls apart. 
I couldn’t help myself from interrupting my husband to read him a quip here or there, and I couldn’t put the book down until the last page was read and still, I hated for it to end. 
There is nothing like a Laura and Gerry Mystery to keep you laughing at Laura’s sarcastic quips, and still manage to keep you on your toes with the suspense of the story. And to top it off there is just enough romance for those of us that love a bit of that in a story. 
Ms. Vaughan’s talent for telling a thrilling, murder mystery with a splash of romance and sarcastic humor is rare and wonderful. At no time in the story was I able to guess whodunit, even as the bodies piled up. 
I both read this book and listened to the audio version as well. Skyler Rankin’s narration kept me engrossed from start to finish, even though at the time of listening to it who the culprits were. Ms. Rankin was a perfect fit for the telling of this story, and each and every character was portrayed exactly as I imagined that they would sound.

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