Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things my mother taught me part II

Once upon a time when I was very young I came in the door crying. "Mom no one wants to be friends with me." She turned around to me, pulled me on her lap, wiped my tears and said to me. " Marta if you want friends you must be a friend first."

To this day this has stuck in my head and has become a major part of my personality. Since that day many years ago I try to always consider what the other person that I am meeting or talking to might be going through. That they too may be a bit shy, an introvert or just as scared as I am of doing or saying the wrong thing.

As a result I try with all my ability to let my own ego go for at least that moment. Hopefully more than the moment and focus on that other person. I hope I succeed.

To all of you with whom I have had the pleasure of interacting with and getting to know. I am blessed today and always for the gift of your friendship, support and care. Please believe me when I tell you that I will try with every fiber of my being to be the friend you deserve too.


  1. Marta,

    I remember my mother telling me a story about an event that happened to her. It broke my heart. This post reminded me of that. Friends are a treasure and hard to come by; I appreciate my friends as I know you do too. Great blog.

  2. Thank you Amanda. Coming from you this means more than you can ever know.

  3. Honey, ain't that the truth!! You are living proof of good friend Marta. Brava!

  4. Thank you Karen. My mother was a very wise woman. You would have loved her.


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