Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Eight: Dellani Oakes

I first met Dellani when I was to be on Dellani's Tea Time on Red River Radio. The show airs every second Monday at 4pm EST. I was taken with her sense of humor, intelligence and witt. She is one of the warmest women that I have ever met and an inspiration to me as a result.

Dellani's along with Dellani's Tea Time also has another radio show the fourth Wednesday at 1pm EST called What's Write for Me. Along with doing 2 radio shows she is an accomplished author of "Indian Summer" an historical romance set in St. Augustine FL in 1739, just prior to a major siege by the British. It is published with Second Wind Publishing and available in both kindle and book formats.

She is also a mother, wife and undergoing radiation treatments. You would think that alone would be enough to keep anyone busy. Yet she always has time to share an antidote, help someone smile or laugh. While I was worrying about my two sisters who were undergoing cancer treatments, Dellani had time to give me some words of wisdom. Share her belief that laughter is the very best of medicine's. She gave me moral support in my hour of need. She brings us all so much inspiration and warmth with everything she does and says.

She has a new book coming out called "The Lone Wolf," which is set in 3032. One can ask how does she find the time for all of this? I think it is her nature to bring inspiration, kindness, Wit and laughter to us all.

Thank you Dellani for being there for me in my hour of worry. For your Wit, humor, and wonderful books. I truly recommend to everyone to also tune into her radio shows and you will see her warmth and wonderful sense of humor and intelligence shine through.

Blessing to you dear Dellani.

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  1. Marta, thank you so much for the lovely tribute! You inspire me too! I love what I've seen of "Wee Three". It will be a great addition to my library. ~D


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