Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Seven: Robbie Kaye

It isn't even a year since I began FB yet, so many people have touched and enriched my life. One of them is Robbie Kaye. She is a brilliant Photographer and inspires me and every day. Her soul and spirit shine through each photograph she takes.
Because of her friendship and spirit we have been given the gift of beauty, joy and happiness. Her Beauty of Wisdom is inspiring and helps us each to see beyond what our culture has labeled our Elders.

Robbie has blessed me with her dedication to her work, her friendship that is dearer to me than most things in my life. She has inspired me further on my own quest to honor and bring stories of our Elders to life and share more deeply with them not just Wee Three, but time, energy and respect.

Robbie has helped me reinforce in myself that there is beauty in wisdom. Each line does tell it's own story and we should be proud to wear them. Learn to appreciate the knowledge and connection with both our own linage but the linage of those we meet.

Daily I get my inspirational message from Good Morning UniVerse and with it is one of her glorious photo's. The gift of her friendship, her work, her inspiration and her message is one that has made deep footprints on my heart and soul.

Bless you Robbie for the Great and Beautiful woman you are. For sharing all of this with me and the world. I will treasure it forever and forever it will be reflected in all I do.


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  2. "It must be true then; a picture is worth a thousand words, yet you wrote them beautifully."


  3. Thank you Marta, and please know that the inspiration is completely mutual. It makes me so happy to be connected with you and your amazing spirit... we fuel each other and our paths are brighter and illuminated with love and support...and I am so grateful for you. With much love and admiration, Robbie


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