Sunday, November 7, 2010


Through the years friends have come and gone. I guess I moved too much in my life, to keep touch with many of the people I have met. I wish there had been an internet back then, for then I may have been able to stay in touch with so many of those I cherished. Though some of them I am sure would have traveled a different path then I have and still we would have lost touch.
I still wonder about those I met. Some of them who were close and some just acquaintances, I hope they are all doing well and wonder what turns their lives have taken. Once in a while the writer in me pictures them living the life I would have liked to have seen them live. At other times I just wonder and keep the lessons, friendship and love in my heart for all those I knew and wish them well.
All of them have something that I have taken away from the meeting that continues to give me strength, courage and honesty in my life.
To all I wish them well. May your days bring joy, happiness, love and light.

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