I was born in Southern Illinois, though spent the years from two to twelve living in a little mining town in Northern Minnesota. There were five of us and life was difficult. My mother grew up with old east coast money and ran away with my father who was a taxi driver at the time. He was a midwest boy who was sent to the farms in the depression as his family couldn't afford to feed and cloth him. It made for a strange mixture and left us all growing up in two worlds. One that was real the other from my mother's memories of life before World War II. Both of my parents are gone now and my mother who I spent twenty years taking care of through her bout of MS I miss still. I wrote my first play at the age of 5, I must admit it was a very bad play, but I have been writing every since. I live in Massachusetts with my husband our three horses, cats and the remaining two of my mothers birds.

Wee Three Book Trailer voice over Marta Moran Bishop